Training and Evaluation

“My mentor happened to sit right across the hall from me when I was a summer.  This was great, because whenever I had a question, I could just go across the hall and ask him.“
Kathleen Prystowsky, Associate, Litigation Group, Summer Class of 2011

We train and mentor our summer associates as intensively and enthusiastically as we do our full-time attorneys. Hands-on training is the norm, and we take every opportunity to include summer associates in meetings, negotiations, closings, depositions and court appearances. Although consideration is naturally given to our summer associates’ relative lack of experience, we prefer to assign discrete but fairly complex questions that call upon them to demonstrate creative thinking, research and analysis, while still working closely with our partners and more senior associates.

Because of the small size of our summer class, and the firm’s lean approach to staffing, our summer associates truly learn by doing. Working side-by-side with partners and senior associates,  the law students receive one-on-one training to help craft their work product and develop their legal skills -- rare in most summer programs.  The close contact enables them to form real relationships with our lawyers and receive valuable feedback and guidance on their work.

At the end of the program we meet with each summer associate individually to review his or her overall performance. Our decision concerning full time employment is generally provided at the time that the summer associates complete their summers with us. Every effort is then made to extend an offer in the practice group of the summer associate’s choice.