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Partner Donald Schuck Speaks to BVX About Prenups and How Nas Could Have Protected His Assets

April 16, 2010
Press Release and Media Coverage

In the wake of the Nas and Kelis divorce and child support battles, BVX sought out family law experts to find out how their readers could avoid similar problems. For its April 16, 2010 article “We Want Prenup! – How Nas Could’ve Protected His Assets,” BVX turned to Pryor Cashman Partner Donald L. Schuck, Co-Chair of the firm’s Family Law Group.

One of the tips offered by Schuck was to get a good attorney. “Get recommendations from people that have used lawyers before and interview lawyers. You're kind of disclosing your soul and you want someone you're comfortable with who has experience and has a good track record,” Schuck told BVX.

Another tip was to keep a separate account. “If you don't go the route of a prenuptial agreement, you want to make sure to segregate your premarital money so that it remains in your name. If you mingle the money it loses its separate property character and becomes marital property,” said Schuck. 

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