Attorney Opportunities

Many lawyers, including partners and associates, have joined Pryor Cashman laterally from other firms. We like to think the movement is not lateral, but is upward. 

Pryor Cashman’s culture is informal, friendly and unregimented. We are committed to our independence as a mid-sized firm and the entrepreneurial environment that we foster. The firm has grown by encouraging entrepreneurial lawyers to develop their practice, and offering flexibility in structuring and managing their client relationships. Associates share in originations and partners are supported in forging new client relationships. 

All associates are eligible for a limited bonus after billing 1,850 hours and a more substantial bonus if they bill 2,000 hours or more. Considerations affecting an associate’s bonus include, among other things, quality and timeliness of the associate’s work and non-billable time expended on pro bono matters, marketing, recruitment, and other firm matters. 

We believe that the collegiality and informality of our work environment help us attract and retain a unique and wonderful group of people and that our bonus policy reflects the balance of hard work, professionalism and lifestyle that working at Pryor Cashman permits.