Life at Pryor Cashman

To walk the halls of Pryor Cashman is to discover its informal, friendly personality. Doors are open, partners and associates mingle, lawyers and staff all greet one another by first name. As you walk by the offices, you’ll see that each bears the distinctive mark of the attorney who inhabits it. The mementos on the walls speak of our successes both as lawyers and community leaders; the pictures on our desks reflect a healthy balance of work, family and play. What unites us all is our entrepreneurial spirit and our dedication to excellence in everything we do.

At some firms, an associate’s role is dictated by seniority. Not so at Pryor Cashman. Our approach is merit-based. New associates take on as much responsibility as they can handle, working directly with clients, drafting agreements, arguing motions and even handling trials early in their careers. Our junior associates often find themselves opposite senior associates from other firms – and they more than hold their own.

We encourage our associates to exceed their own expectations, to become better lawyers than they imagined they could be. Matters are staffed leanly, typically with a single partner and associate working together. Because of this, our junior lawyers are exposed to substantive work from day one, and play a vital role in the success of the firm.   

We are a rarity and proud of it: a dynamic, profitable, independent, midsized firm in a market dominated by behemoths and dotted with small single-specialty boutiques. Because we’re human-scaled, we haven’t lost our humanity. You won’t find assembly-line lawyering here, but a firm that thrives on finding creative, independent-minded solutions to the complex issues our clients face.

Thanks to our unique merit system – and our determination to remain both independent and, dare we say it, idiosyncratic – Pryor Cashman enjoys a remarkably low attrition rate. The vast majority of lawyers who come to work here choose to stay. They find a firm where they can be themselves, build the practices they want and achieve a well-balanced life.