At Pryor Cashman, training and professional development start with the careful hiring of both recent graduates and seasoned lawyers making lateral moves. We pay special attention to candidates who demonstrate not just exceptional aptitude, but inherent self-confidence and enthusiasm – key ingredients for success at Pryor Cashman. While top grades and technical proficiency are important, we look for something more: an entrepreneurial spirit, a certain level of “street smarts” and a desire to not just succeed, but excel. 

We want every new lawyer at our firm to be excited and challenged from the get-go; to discover hidden talents while building on familiar ones; and to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

Associates at Pryor Cashman benefit from our exceptionally low partner-to-associate ratio – nearly one-to-one – which allows them to work directly with partners from the very start of their careers. Working side-by-side with senior lawyers, associates receive the kind of one-on-one training in short supply at other firms. And because Pryor Cashman staffs its matters leanly – with rarely more than two or three lawyers on any project – they get real world experience from the start. Our associates aren’t locked away in the library doing research and writing memos. They learn by doing: writing briefs, arguing motions, drafting corporate documents, and otherwise rolling their sleeves up to help in the real work of practicing law. Our goal is to get associates “on their feet” as early as possible, so we enlist even our most junior associates to participate in strategy sessions, assist at closings, attend depositions, deal with opposing counsel, and confer with clients.

Of course, Pryor Cashman also provides more formalized in-house training. Individual practice groups meet regularly to delve into particular subjects or skills, such as taking depositions, drafting agreements or improving writing. We also maintain an alliance with the Practicing Law Institute (PLI), which permits associates to attend or download a wide variety of lectures at their convenience or as the occasion may require. Every opportunity to become a superior lawyer is at your fingertips at Pryor Cashman. 

At Pryor Cashman, we pride ourselves on being business-minded, groundbreaking lawyers, and we encourage those who join our firm to spread their entrepreneurial wings. We work with our lawyers to help them market themselves and to devise business development strategies. We also offer one of the best incentive programs in the legal industry, with associates receiving a substantial percentage of the business revenue they originate. Associates are also encouraged to market themselves and the firm by authoring articles and joining outside professional associations.

Whether Pryor Cashman is your first job out of school, or if you are making a move from another law firm, we go beyond the basics. We know that a firm is only as great as its individual lawyers, so we invest in the professional development of each attorney at our firm. We’ve created a stimulating firm where you can become a well-rounded professional as well as a great lawyer.